Makiko Hattori1, Masatoshi Saito1, Kunihiko Okajima1 and Kenji Kamide2Top of pageAbstractAn attempt was made to evaluate molecular parameters of poly(hexamethyleneadipamide) (nylon 6,6) in mixture of calcium chloride and methanol with various calcium chloride concentrations (weight fraction Wca against weight of the solvent mixture) using light scattering method. Dissolved state of the polymer was discussed in connection with the chain conformation based on data of viscosity, adiabatic compressibility, infrared (IR) spectra and 1H and 13C NMR spectra. The second virial coefficient A2, obtained by the light scattering method, remarkably decreases with a decrease of Wca below 0.15 and is expected to become zero at Wca of ca.

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This completely debunks the idea that The Federalist ideas were the driving force behind the Constitutional Convention, and rather portrays the document as a piece of reactionary literature, detailing the ideas that came from the convention, rather than the ideas that went into it. This supports Roche’s argument that the founding fathers did not have their own personal interests in mind when drafting the Constitution of the United States. Charles Beard relies heavily on the Federalist in his essays regarding the motivations of the framers.

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