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84 points submitted 2 days agoThe international shipping is really the biggest one, IMO. In the late 90s/early 00s (I want to say early 00s, but I don remember specifically), the US Navy changed it policies to clearly state that safe trade across international waters was in the US direct interest, even if that trade was not Canada Goose Jackets from or to the canada goose outlet reviews US. The argument is that increased trade provides incentives against war and destabilization. Less war and more canada goose outlet store stable governments mean a canada goose clearance sale safer world for Americans. Also, increased trade https://www.goosesale.ca canada goose canada goose clearance outlet parka means increased prosperity overall (it can also mean increased wealth inequality, but that wasn a part of the policy change). Increased prosperity also leads to a safer, canada goose black friday sale more stable world. To that end, the US Navy patrols virtually all the world international sea trade routes. While they don often have to deal with piracy, this is largely because a US naval presence around the world canada goose outlet makes it canada goose outlet store uk incredibly difficult for pirates to profit.IMO, ending this policy buy canada goose jacket cheap would do one, or both, of two canada goose outlet uk sale things. If nobody steps Canada Goose Parka in to take over goose outlet canada policing international trade, then piracy would increase. The safety and reliability of international trade would decrease. In canada goose outlet uk canada goose outlet canada the long run, this would lead to a decrease in sea canada goose outlet nyc based trade globally. cheap canada goose uk Alternatively, different countries would take over policing international canada goose store trade in their regions. For example, China would probably start policing trade in the eastern and southern pacific, India in the Indian Ocean, the EU in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic, etc. I not sure what this would mean in the long run. It could result in a similar canada goose outlet jackets situation Canada Goose online as today, except with various nations ensuring trade canada cheap Canada Goose Coats goose rather than a single canada goose uk shop one. It also could provide the possibility of conflict if, canadian goose jacket for example, two different countries feel that a specific region canada goose factory sale falls under their aegis, and wants the other country to back off.urine_testUnited canada goose uk outlet States of America 37 points submitted 3 days canada goose outlet online agoHousehold income and location determine your “class.” A family in rural Kansas are living comfortably on $60K whereas the same family would struggle in New York City.I know poverty is a complex issue, but in the US, if you want to avoid poverty as a poor Canada Goose Online young person: graduate high school, do not have canada goose outlet online uk kids out Canada Goose Coats On Sale of wedlock, canada goose outlet shop and get any job at all. You will eventually climb your Canada Goose sale way into middle class. Not exactly asking for much, canada goose outlet uk but surprisingly a lot of people can do these canada goose factory outlet three things. I think it largely cultural, which canada goose jacket outlet a lot of people on reddit cannot seem to admit. Everything is the gubmint rich canada goose black friday sale fault. Frankly, I like rich people. Poor canada goose outlet in usa people don employ canada goose outlet toronto factory me canada goose outlet black friday 😉 66 points submitted 5 days agoThe Federal government sold canada goose coats or gave away much of the land canada goose uk black friday in the United States. Under the Homestead Act land was free to anyone willing to build a farm. In the Western states a lot of land was unsuitable for farming. The land still owned by the Federal government is land that could not be given away under the Homestead Act or other programs. Much of it is arid with no access to water.Today this land is managed by several agencies. The official canada goose outlet NFS handles forested areas, allowing lumber to be harvested, grazing and recreational use. The BLM manages grasslands for grazing and canada goose outlet sale recreation.The Bundy family had been leasing grazing land from the BLM for decades. When Cliven Bundy took over control of the ranching operation from his father, he stopped paying the grazing fees.Grazing fees on BLM land are $1.75 per AUM, a price that hasn’t changed since the 1940s. Fees for grazing on private land are roughly ten times higher. The family that paid for grazing the previous year has priority for grazing on that land the next year. By refusing to pay, Cliven Bundy lost his families rights to lease this uk canada goose tract of BLM land. The BLM took Bundy to court three times over non payment and he lost every time. Bundy’s claim that he didn’t owe the fees was based on sovereign citizen nonsense,The standoff came when the BLM came to take Bundy’s cattle off the buy canada goose jacket land cheap Canada Goose as ordered by the courts. The case that the government lost involved Canada Goose Outlet criminal charges for what Bundy canada goose coats on sale and his supporters did on that day. He still lost his grazing rights and no longer legally canada goose outlet new york city owns the cattle that remain on BLM land.