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Graham Arnold: an buy canada goose jacket online cheap A-League player could die unless heat rules are changed

The A-League’s heat policy is under the gun yet again after Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold raised fears that a player could die unless the rules are changed. Arnold was left fuming after watching his players endure 34-degree heat during Saturday’s 0-0 draw against Perth Glory at nib Stadium.

The match went ahead at the scheduled 4.30pm kick-off burlington coat factory canada goose coat time much to the disgust of Arnold, who wanted it pushed back by two hours. Football Federation Australia uses the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature as its guide to whether matches can go ahead. The WBGT takes into account the air temperature, humidity, wind and radiation to provide a more accurate indicator of the risk of heat-related injuries.

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Saturday’s match went ahead at the scheduled time after the WBGT measure showed it was safe to do so, and FFA also approved a drinks break during each half to help players deal with the heat. But that wasn’t nearly enough to appease Arnold.

“Does it need someone to die first? Seriously,” Arnold replied when asked about the heat. “Yeah the wet bulb is saying (it’s ok). But at the end of the day, it’s roasting hot, and the players can’t run. They were buggered. Don’t you think the game, in summer, should be played at night?”

“If you go and ask those 22 players if they enjoyed the game, I think you’ll find 22 players will say, ’I would rather have been at the beach’. You may as well throw all tactics out the door. It’s a matter of just hoping the players can just get through the game – with no injuries, without can you pick the most expensive canada goose parka dying, and without making mistakes.”

The heat policy also hit the buy canada goose coat uk headlines canada goose jacket outlett in January when several Glory and Adelaide players reported vomiting, headaches, sunburn, and excessive weight loss in the wake of a scorching-hot game in Perth. In that match, the kick-off buy canada goose parka ottawa was canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland moved back 30 minutes to 5.30pm, but the temperature was still hovering at around 39 degrees.

Arnold felt there was too much emphasis placed on pleasing the TV broadcaster, rather than focusing on player welfare. “We’ve been talking about it for five years. If it’s about the spectacle and the performance and the quality, give the players a chance,” Arnold said. “It was one shot each on target (on Saturday). What do you put that down to?

“I’m sweating just sitting in the shade.”

Arnold also felt Glory’s season-low crowd of 6976 was a direct best fake canada goose jacket result of the intense heat. But Glory coach Kenny Lowe didn’t have a problem with the can i wash my canada goose jacket conditions, saying Arnold’s outburst was probably a deflection canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps tactic after Sydney’s lacklustre display. 

“Arnie knows what he’s doing. He deflects certain things and everyone forgets about the game,” Lowe said. “You can’t fault the fella. He’s as cute as a box of monkeys. He’s like the cat with a ball of wool. He just plays with people. So that’s the way it goes.”

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